Aerial Photography Platform

Spent yesterday at a farm in Acheron flying RC planes.  Some time ago I put together a small aerial photography model based on an ME-163 Komet.  This model flew fairly well, but was far too heavy and required constant throttle to keep it in the air.

I rebuilt the fuselage recently and “built it to fly, not crash” unlike the previous fuse and saved quite a bit on weight.  The construction is very simple for the fuse, it is hot wire cut polystyrene foam on the inside and sheeted with 6mm extruded polystyrene foam (EPS).  The original fuse was made with blue foam (EPS), sheeted with 6mm EPS and then fibreglassed.  No fibreglass was used on the new fuselage.

The wings are hot wire cut PS with a couple of layers of 25gm fibreglass covering.  They are reinforced with carbon fibre tube.  The wings use Neodymium magnets to hold them to the fuselage, so the model can be rapidly assembled.  The disassembled model fits in a plastic box.

Here are some construction photos:

The model has a wingspan of about 1150mm and is powered by an 1800mAh 3S lipo pack. A 30amp speed controller drives the 2200kV 200watt motor.  2.4GHz FrSky RC gear is used an telemetry is sent back for pack volts, power, RSSI and buss volts.  A GoPro camera is side mounted.  Here are some photos from the day.

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