Mt. Hoddle SOTA VK3-VT076

Well, this one is more of a pimple than a mountain, but it qualifies as a SOTA summit for 1 point.  The signage at the site refers to Mt. Nicoll which is a bit confusing, although it is in the Hoddle range.

A quick check of the coordinates confirmed that it is the same mountain (its pretty well the only peak of significance anyway).  The access from the Foster-Fish Creek road is a pretty steep gravelled road and there is a loop at the top for parking.  I parked a little lower to ensure that I was 25 metres below the summit, which was probably unnecessary as the path up to the summit would be at least 25m.  At the top there is a directional pointer thing.

Near the road.





The views from the top are pretty good, you can see across to Wilsons Promontory and surrounding farmland.

View towards top of the Prom

End Fed Half Wave on Squid Pole

Radio Stuff

The land falls away pretty quickly to sea level below.  Two large eagles were circling overhead and made a close pass.  They looked around 2 metres wingspan.




Made 11 contacts over a 45 minute period on 7MHz while rolling over the UTC day.






Typical backpack equipment, phone for time and log backup, FT-817 transceiver, spare Lipo batteries and EFHW antenna tuner.  The squidpole fits into a bottle carrier at the lower end of the pack and fixed to a handle at the top.

Also came across a geocache by accident when looking for a place to put the squidpole.

Geocache, carefully put back to its home after

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