Mt Toolebewong SOTA VK3-VC033

There was a lot of summit activation activity planned for this Sunday 3rd March, so made a last minute decision to head to Mt. Toolebewong VK3/VC033 after dropping my daughter off at the station.  Mt Toolebewong is a recently added summit to the list.  A look on the maps didn’t show much if any public land at the summit.  Peter, VK3ZPF had recently operated from near the summit and confirmed that there wasn’t much choice of operating location.

I arrived at the corner of Moora Rd. and Nyora Rd. and parked the car.  This location is probably just out of the activation zone, but just to make sure walked downhill a bit.  I then walked back past the car and North up Moora Rd., which is signed as a no through road.  After passing a couple of houses on the right, the road ended with a private property sign.

I asked jogger if there was any access to the summit, but she confirmed that the summit was on private property.   A check of the map and GPS showed I was well in the activation zone, in fact the GPS was consistently giving a reading 15 metres higher than the map. (I know, altitude is never too accurate, although it is usually closer than this with full satellites).

Just back a few metres down the road there was a clearing on the road verge west side (both sides of the road are heavily treed).  This clearing looked like the only place to set up on.  As I knew there was not going to be much space to operate, I took up a 40m dipole and no squid pole.  There was barely enough room for the dipole, so I set up one side of it as a vertical and laid out some 10metre ground radials.  The antenna wasn’t quite vertical and got stuck in a branch, so it looked like that was it.  The antenna matched up with no problems.

After turning on 40m, I quickly had 4 summit to summit contacts with VK1NAM, VK1DA, VK3ZPF and VK3HRA before the UTC day rollover.  After the rollover, the same contacts were made again with a few locals.  Here is a shot from the Navigator of the location.


I forgot to take some photos of the setup, but it wasn’t very interesting anyway.

After about 30 minutes of operating, I packed up and left.

As  I still had a bit of time left, a quick decision was made to head to Mt. Donna Buang VK3/VC002 as it looked like a short drive.  The drive wasn’t as short as it looked, however, but was parked on one of the lower car parks out of the activation zone by noon.

As time was running out and part of my 40m antenna was missing, I ran up the hill and climbed the tower to work four stations on 146.500 FM.  Thanks to Peter VK3ZPF for rounding up another couple of station.  Worked VK3KAN and headed home.

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