Androzic Navigator

Have been using Androzic navigator for Android for the past four months or so for SOTA mountain navigation.  Offline maps can be created from online maps such as Open Cycle Map using the Ozimapper app.

Androzic runs on a Google Nexus 7 tablet for in car navigation and a Samsung I9210 4G phone for on foot.    I did have an I9100 3G phone earlier, but something happened to that. 😦

Its a nice application but have noticed a heavy drain on the battery when navigating, so thought I would have a look at the drain in detail.  Don’t want to get “battery anxiety” when out in the bush.  Of course always have a compass and a paper map on hand.

When Androzic is tracking (turned on by the icon that looks like an upside down “drip”, the battery drain increases markedly.  Using  Battery Monitor Widget for Android, I did some rough measurements.

Conditions were:
– Androzic running
– Wifi on
– GPS on
– Minimal screen use, say 60 seconds per hour.
– Androzic tracking on and then tracking off see below captions:


Tracking on. Current is averaging about 200mA or so.


Tracking on. Showing %battery per hour around 12% or so


Tracking on graph showing current average 200mA or so


Tracking off from 19:13 for two hours, much lower current


Tracking off from 19:13 for two hours, much lower %battery per hour


Tracking off from half way through graph, much lower current

When tracking is on, it looks like the phone will last about 7 hours at a pinch and less depending on the time the screen is turned on.  If it uses ~12%/hr that would equate to 8 hours with no margin.

Not wanting to suffer battery anxiety, its better to keep way under 8 hrs!

With tracking off, the drain is far less and this is the mode that I generally use Androzic during SOTA.  When taking a position, tracking is turned ofn, the location noted and tracking turned off unless there is a track to record.  If there is a track to record, keep an eye on battery capacity.

I might do an equivalent test with say, Viewranger to see how it’s power consumption is during tracking.

OK, had time to check Viewranger, with tracking on it uses about 8% battery per hour.  Current is about 120mA, which is better than Androzic.

Update 2013-04-24: Androzic has released a software update and one of the fixes is supposed to improve battery drain.  Looks like it needs to be checked again!

After a 3 hour test with Androzic V1.7.5 it has improved a little over the previous version.  The average drain was about 9% per hour and average current around 150mA.  This is with the screen off for test period and a couple of 5 second screens ons.

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One Response to Androzic Navigator

  1. Markus Lenggenhager says:

    Hello Glenn,
    My Android / SOTA navigation solution is based on Oruxmaps, with hiking maps from Oruxmaps has GPS options to save current: Specify time and/or distance between consecutive readings. No real life experience yet, just got my first smartphone a week ago.

    73, Markus HB9BRJ

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