Victorian Forest Explorer Maps into Androzic

The following steps describe how to convert a Victorian Forest Explorer map (Australia) into Androzic navigator for Android.

1. Firstly download and install the Img2Ozf utility.  Use the older version 2.08, later ones wont work.
2. Download and install Aussie Explorer for PC, the trial version will work, but the paid version will do a better job as it uses more points for the map calibration.  The trial can only use 2 points.  Aussie Explorer for PC is a handy app to use for SOTA planning.  I didn’t have much luck with the tablet version though.
3. Start Forest Explorer and choose the map image that you wish to use.  Under Map Layers > Map Base > Graticules and Indexes > Graticules, check GDA94 Lat/Long.
4. In Windows 7 use the Snipping Tool to take a screen grab of the map displayed.
5. Save the screen grab and using your favourite image editor, rotate the map so that the latitude and longitude lines are parallel with the edges of the screen, I use Paint Shop Pro and save as a .jpg.   Save the straightened image in the C:\Oziexplorer directory.
6. Open Aussie Explorer and under preferences, change the lat/long format to degrees and minutes.  Choose File > Load and Calibrate Map Image.   Select the saved image.
7. Select Point 1 and choose a top left graticule intersection and enter the coordinates.   Dont forget to make latitude south and longitude east.
8. Select Point 2 and choose a lower right graticule intersection and enter the coordinates.
9. Select save.
10. Run Img2Ozf utility from the C:\Oziexplorer directory.  Default directories should be OK. Click on the yellow refresh icon up the top and check the image file that you have saved.  Click process image files.
11. Look in the directory and you will see two newly created files, a .map and a .ozf.  Copy these files into the Androzic\Maps directory.
12.  Restart Androzic and the map should be there.

When I accidentally had the longitude west instead of east, as expected, the map showed negative longitude.  I went and corrected this to east and saved the map again, but when the map was copied to Androzic (and then restarted Androzic), it still showed -long.   I almost gave up on trying to sort this, when I copied the same map to the phone’s Androzic. The long came out OK without the negative sign.  So Androzic is remembering this somewhere.  A tablet restart fixed it.

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2 Responses to Victorian Forest Explorer Maps into Androzic

  1. Hi, I am desperately seeking for the version 2 of img2ozf. The versions 3 I can´t make the working. I need it to convert garmin-img. for the Ozi-explorer. Can you help me with a link to the former 2 version?
    Tnx es 73 de Johannes, DL9NEF

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