Mt Dandenong, VK3/VC025 SOTA Last Minute Activation

It was a soggy Sunday in Melbourne and had decided against going out with a radio on a mountain although Peter, VK3ZPF and Kevin, VK3KAB had headed out to Toorongo Range and Spion Kopje respectively.  Had had some second thoughts mid-morning, especially since the 12 Metre challenge had just started.

The easiest thing to do at this time would be to head over to Mt. Dandenong, VC025 and work summit to summit, hopefully on 12 metres.  Its usually crawling with tourists and walkers, but it is close.  I parked down the hill on Ridge Rd. and walked up and found a spot just below the road and set up a 30ft antenna in a tree.  Didn’t take the usual 7 metre squid pole as it would look a little out of place.  The antenna was tuned with an Electraft T1 tuner and fairly quickly 4 qualifying contacts were made on 40m and later worked Kevin on Spion Kopje and then Peter on Toorongo Range.

I went over to 12m and made 5 contacts including Peter on Toorongo range, summit to summit.  Was suprised how well 12m worked a fairly compromised antenna.  Noise level was lower and signals very clean.

Just the 817 and T1 Tuner

Just the 817 and T1 Tuner


simple 10 metre antenna in tree with 2 x 10m counterpoise, no squid pole

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