Mt. St. Leonard VK3/VC-006 Revisited

Mt. St. Leonard is an easily accessible summit to the north of Healesville.  From the car parking area on Road 10, which branches off Monda Rd, it is a short 1.2km steep walk to the summit.  Last time I was there, the RF noise from the 22kV power lines feeding the transmitter compound made it difficult on HF.

This time I set up as far as I could from the 22kV lines and found a convenient spot just down from the South West corner of the transmitter compound.  There was a nicely located small gum tree that the squid pole could be strapped to and one leg of the 40m EFHW antenna met a nice sized squarish boulder to put the gear on.  Once set up, there was next to no noise heard on 40m or 12m.
[Note 2013-08-03: Nick, VK3ANL reported noise was present at this location on this date.]

Operating location in red

Operating location in red

From this location, summit to summit contacts were made to VK3MRG on Mt. Despair, VK3HRA + VK3ZPF on Mt. Ritchie, VK3YAV on Mt. Tarrengower and VK3KAB on Mt. St. Phillack.  Great for the summit to summit score.  Missed Ron, VK3AFW on Mt. William though.

Also contacted Matt, VK1MA / VK8GMT in Darwin on 12m as well as a few locals and VK3ZPF on Mt. Ritchie.  Weather was touch and go with the odd short shower.

The temperature suddenly dropped around 1pm so it was time to go before the rain.

Convenient Rock

Convenient Rock

EFHW for 40 and 12

EFHW for 40 and 12

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