Bothy Bag

I ordered a Bothy Bag from Ebay last week from the UK.  The Bothy bag is an emergency shelter and a few of the Oz SOTA radio operators have them for when the weather gets bad.

It arrived today in pretty reasonable time.  Unfortunately, they sent me the larger 4-5 man bag when I had ordered a 2-3 man bag.   The 2-3 man bag weights 340 grams although the 4-5 man bag weighs 520gms.  It probably doesn’t sound a lot, but it would equate to carrying another 2200mAh Lipo battery.  Not too sure what they can do about it.  Anyway, here is a photo of the bag.   Will post one later of it up with heads in it.

Bothy Bag

Bothy Bag

The bag is fairly roomy I guess, it has two little windows and an air vent.  Of course it has no real structure, so relies on either two people inside at either end or maybe two walking poles and some rope as a makeshift frame.

The bag is probably a lot bigger than I really need, you could easily fit 3 comfortably in it, so they are not kidding about the 4-5.  Still, it does pack up to a compact size.

This one doesn’t have the elastic ties on each outside corner like the Sotabeams one.  Apart from that they are probably much the same.

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