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Home Made CW Paddle

There is a lot of talk around CW within the Australian SOTA community of late.  I have never been a fan of morse code, but now with SOTA, it does seem like an interesting step towards a minimalistic SOTA station.  Not having … Continue reading

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Bunyip State Park – VK3/VC-037 SOTA

The summit VK3/VC-037 was recently added to the SOTA database and it doesn’t have a name.  The summit is just out of Gembrook in the Bunyip State Park.  It is not too far from home and hadn’t been activated yet.  It … Continue reading

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Mt Bride, Britannia Range and Hyde Hill

Mt. Bride Mt Bride (VK3-VC-009), Britannia Range (VK3/VC-011) and Hyde Hill (VK3/VC-008) can all be activated in a day without much trouble.  I had done the three summits last year, but not all together with Hyde Hill. For this activation, … Continue reading

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