MTR2 CW Transceiver Flight Deck

Having recently completed the KD1JV MTR2 CW transceiver, I have been wondering about how to use this in the field with a CW paddle.  Am in the process of re-learning CW after not using it since the licence test an eternity ago!

While in the UK recently, I visited Richard, G3CWI at SOTABeams and was very lucky to receive an MTR2 “Flight deck”.  This is a platform to operate the radio from and has a nice spot on it to mount the CW paddle.  Also on the Flight deck is a spot for a logbook, pen and battery (underside).  A note book from Officeworks fits nicely in the space provided.  The photo on the SOTABeams website shows the note book with a top binder, but the left binder should be fine as the pages can be opened to the left.  It is secured by the back cover to the deck.

The "Flightdeck"

The “Flightdeck”

My home built paddle fits on the Flight deck fairly well.  The Flight deck is set up for a right handed operator with the labeling up or can be reversed for a left handed operator.  I am left handed, but have set it with a right handed layout to try writing with the left hand and sending CW with the right hand.

A quick test and it seemed fairly comfortable.  The paddle wiring needs to be tidied up as it has an internal keyer for the MMR40 resulting in an extra cable for the keyer and battery.  It might be worth making another keyer dedicated to this setup or buy a Pico-Paddle(r).

All in all, it’s looks like a great way to operate in the field with everything nailed down.

Can’t wait to try it out.

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