Ansan, HL/SL-008 Seoul Revisited

Last year on a holiday to Seoul, we hiked to three summits but didn’t manage the four contacts.
This June I was visiting Seoul again, as my wife Sarah is attending Yonsei University.  As it turns out, Ansan is a fairly easy hike from the back of Yonsei University.  It took around 40 minutes or so from the faculty that she was working in.
I took the FT-817 and it was powered from 3 x 18650 lithium cells.

For the antenna, an end fed half wave linked vertical was chosen, as this configuration would not take up much space on the ground.  This time the 20 metre section was not used. The summit of Ansan is quite small and can be popular with hikers, so the antenna had to be kept out of the way.  The end fed vertical is about 7.5 metres long on 15 metres and the travel squid pole is only 5 metres long, so the antenna was not quite vertical on this band (see photo).
An untuned matching transformer from this antenna was used instead of using the tuned matcher for the antenna.  This just kept things a bit simpler, especially if changing bands.

Just outside the Ansan lookout on the left and right side of the entrance, there is a steel rail which was perfect for strapping the squid pole to.  This section of the summit below the lookout area does not go anywhere so foot traffic is minimal.

15, 12 and 10 metres were tried at 3pm local or 0600z.  This time was predicted to be better by VOACAP.

15 metres had the better results, with four VK contacts (enough to activate on VK only).  It was great to work VK4AAC, VK2IO, VK3PF and VK6NU, thanks guys for persevering! Contacts were not strong and subject to fading.  I would have thought that the received signals at my end would be stronger if I could be heard by the higher power home stations, but this was not the case.  The noise level at my end was pretty low but most contacts were a struggle.  I could also hear others calling with the fades taking out the callsigns.

The following week, I made another short visit to Ansan at about 0030z.  It was great to work Amanda, VK3FQSO.  Amanda was a good clear signal with not much fading.   Japan and Taiwan signals were very strong.

The gear

The gear




View from the lookout wall

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3 Responses to Ansan, HL/SL-008 Seoul Revisited

  1. vk3arr says:

    Good effort to qualify on VK only! Treasure that one point 😉

  2. YOO jaibok says:

    OM !
    Ansan sota Congratulations on your success.

    I sometimes climb Ansan and enjoy sota.
    If you come to Korea next time, I will do eye-ball.


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