Dingo Ridge VK3/VC-028

Dingo Ridge was the first SOTA summit that I activated along with Peter, VK3ZPF.  That time we took a longish route along some closed off 4WD tracks.
Peter had since found another easier track to Dingo Ridge and more recently Tony, VK3CAT had been that route.
It was nice morning, so I decided to go for a short hike for a bit of exercise and some SOTA as a bonus.
The Prince’s Freeway was taken from Narre Warren to the Garfield North exit.  The Garfield North Rd. goes north where the Pettigrew Rd. is taken to the left.  This road finishes at a farm driveway.  There is a track to the left that takes you straight to the Dingo Ridge activation zone.  The track is about 2km long and moderately steep, climbing about 225 metres in altitude.  At the start of the track there is a sign stating that that no vehicles are permitted and that it is private property.  There were a few horse riders on the track as well.


Track start


At the top

At the top, the “flowerpot” 6m antenna was attached about 4 metres up the squidpole and the 40/20/10m end fed antenna attached to the top of the pole.  The station was on air at 11:26 local.
The summit was qualified on 6m and some DX was heard but not worked.  10m was wide open to VK2 and VK5.  Paul, VK5PAS was a consistent 5×9+.

Many contacts were made on 10m until about 12:50pm local when it was time to go.elevationtrackIt would have been great to stay a bit longer, but had work to do at home.






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