Castle Hill VK4/NH-136 Last Minute Activation 1 Point

Castle Hill is a small hill close to the Townsville city centre in North Queensland.  It was about 5:30pm when the opportunity presented itself for a quick activation.  I had the FT-817, an end fed for 40/20/10m and the RHM8B telescopic loaded vertical.  As there wasn’t much time before sunset, we parked the car at the bottom of the short stepped path to the top, walked up the steps and set up the FT-817 with the RHM8B on 20m against the railing.

Surprisingly, there were some reasonable signals coming in from VK3, so answered a general CQ and made the first contact.  Shortly afterwards after spotting, I worked Peter, VK3PF and Tony, VK3CAT.  Both stations had reasonable signals, well clear of the low noise level.  Not bad considering the antenna and the 2000 or so km distance.

After working another non-SOTA station, the summit was qualified for 1 point and we started to notice that the mozzies had arrived.

A few photos were taken of the sunset before we left.

Operating from the lookout

Operating from the lookout

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2 Responses to Castle Hill VK4/NH-136 Last Minute Activation 1 Point

  1. Andrew VK1AD says:

    One of those moments where the ‘Cute’ antenna surprises everyone! Good work Glenn. 🙂
    Andrew VK1AD

    • vk3yy says:

      Yes, its a great little antenna, saved the day in this case as was running out of light and places to put a dipole. Definitely one to keep in the car.

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