Toorongo Range VK3/VT-026 Again

With freezing temperatures although clear skies, it looked like this would be one of the last times to get to a winter bonus summit for a while (or so I thought).   The ice was removed from the car and I departed for Toorongo Range.  I have been to this summit several times before, it is not really one one of the favourites although access is very straight forward. There is just a short walk up the Toorongo Track from the closed gate and then a bush bash scramble to the summit.

The drive there is through Noojee on the Mt Baw Baw Tourist Rd and before Tanjil Bren, take the Toorongo-Tanjil link road to the left.  Some six km in, take the Mundic Rd. and then the Toorongo Track.  This time of year, there is a gate about 1km short of the highest part of the road where you scramble through steep bush to the summit.

On turning into Mundic Rd, snow appeared on the road which gradually became heavier on the Toorongo Track.  The road is pretty good for a track classification.  The car was parked about 100m short of the gate where there is a bit of space.  The weather was holding out and things looked quite nice with the snow, much more interesting than the previous summer activations.

The bush bash up to the summit was straight forward, without slipping over like last time.  The summit is on a rocky outcrop with a small cairn.  Just behind the summit, there is a sheltered spot with some good tree cover.  I used this spot once before during high winds and ran some coax out to the antenna.

Contacts were made on 40 and 10 metres in great sunny winter conditions.  As expected 40 metres was behaving pretty badly.


Summit Cairn and Elecraft KX2 Station


Sheltered area behind summit


Sheltered area


Behind the summt


The short log!


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4 Responses to Toorongo Range VK3/VT-026 Again

  1. Andrew VK1AD says:

    Hi Glenn, very dry and cold around VK1, still no snow on the higher 1500 – 1800 m peaks. 40m band conditions are the worst, I struggle to hear anyone on HF. Great post thanks for sharing.
    73, Andrew VK1AD

    • vk3yy says:

      Hi Andrew, last weekend Allen VK3ARH and I went to Talbot Peak (10 points). Snow started at about 1300m, but not like this time a couple of years ago when we had to turn back.

  2. Paul Taylor says:

    Note your strategy of one-summit winter activations Glenn. I have never been to this summit, although I noted the turnoff on the Mt Baw Baw Rd the time I went to Mt Saint Phillack and Talbot Peak. I saw Allen’s spots from Talbot Peak the weekend before, didn’t realise you were there too. You did well to make those contacts during forty meter’s ‘wasteland’ mid-day hours.

    • vk3yy says:

      Hi Paul, Toorongo is an easy activation, just watch our for the short slippery bash to the summit, lots of low bush. Talbot Peak was a nice activation until the icy blast arrived, it did cut things a bit short. No problems with qualifying though.

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