New Case for the QRPLabs QCX CW Transceiver

The QCX transceiver was previously packaged in a standard plastic enclosure from Altronics.  The fit was good and the extra space allowed for a battery pack but metal is a better choice for RF.
I was not satisfied with the ergonomics of the controls so I decided to repackage it in an aluminium case.  The HB metal bender was used to make a simple two part case from 1.2mm aluminium sheet.

The case turned out quite well although I elected not to make space for a battery pack this time, and rely on external power.

Finished Case

This layout makes a bit more sense than the original one.

The most used control, the VFO is in the clear and the others further back.  I also turned up new knob for the VFO.

The switches will be set lower into the panel later as the RH one is close to a  trimpot inside the case .

Lid off the case

Here the lid is off the case.  To secure the lid to the base, four 3mm aluminium right angle brackets are fitted to the base and also serve as mounting studs for the board.  The brackets are threaded to accept the 3mm screws for the lid.

A brass shaft extension is added to the rotary encoder.  I may put a bearing in the lid from an old pot later on if play is an issue.

Left side with audio out

Right side with key socket

There is provision on the RHS for a switch to add a cap for operation on 30 metres (the unit is 20 metre).   This works fine for receive and probably needs something added to the LPF on transmit.

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2 Responses to New Case for the QRPLabs QCX CW Transceiver

  1. Paul Taylor says:

    You are quite a machinist Glenn, with the homebrew folder, turned knobs and cases. Dropping the battery space makes for a nicer proportioned case. And gives you freedom to chose various batteries. Nice work!

    • vk3yy says:

      Thanks Paul. Yes, I think the new layout looks a lot better. So many designs start from the pcb and evolve with the packaging and ergonomics coming last.

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