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QCX QRP Portable Transceiver Build

This compact “QRP” or low power radio kit from QRP Labs in UK was too good to resist.  At $49.00 USD, it packs a lot of functionality into a small package.  The radio is based around an IQ phasing receiver … Continue reading

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CW Paddle for the KX2

I came across this KX2 paddle from the QRPGuys recently.  The price was right at USD 25.00, postage was USD 5.00, so quite a bit cheaper than the original one.  It’s made from soldered PCB material so it won’t be … Continue reading

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Toorongo Range VK3/VT-026 Again

With freezing temperatures although clear skies, it looked like this would be one of the last times to get to a winter bonus summit for a while (or so I thought).   The ice was removed from the car and … Continue reading

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Takatoriyama JA/HG-252 SOTA

Following on from the previous post, the other close by summit was Takatoriyama.  This one looked very close on the map.  Occasionally, we had seen hikers going past Meagan’s house so it looked like this was the on a popular … Continue reading

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Yokooyama JA/HG-255 SOTA

While on holidays in Japan, we spent a week in Kobe staying at my daughter’s house in Myohoji. After some emails with Toru, JH0CJH, I found that a few close by summits had been added to the SOTA database.  These were Yokooyama … Continue reading

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Mt Halla (Hallasan) HL/JJ-001 SOTA

While on Jeju Island, South Korea, a hike and SOTA activation of Hallasan, HL-JJ-001 was too good to pass up.  Hallasan is the highest summit in South Korea at 1950 m high. Sarah and I made an early start, leaving the … Continue reading

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Quick Trapped 15/20m Dipole

This dipole was a last minute idea.  I am taking a multi-band EFHW and 10/20/15/12/10m switched dipole away to Japan, although the switched dipole takes up a lot of space.  A smaller dedicated 15/20m dipole would be a good idea. In … Continue reading

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