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BITX40 V3 and Raduino

The latest built up Bitx from HF Signals looked like a bargain too good to pass up.  At only USD 59, you get a built up Bitx 40m metre transceiver with an Si5351a frequency synthesiser for tuning. I ordered it … Continue reading

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Briarty Hill VK3/VC-029

Briarty Hill, VK3/VC-029 is located in the Warramate Flora and Fauna Reserve located near Seville East in Victoria.  This was my first visit to Briarty Hill, it’s only worth a point and you do have to work for it! After … Continue reading

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Yet Another EFHW Matcher

While on the lookout for a more compact housing for the End Fed Half Wave matcher, I came across this perfectly sized enclosure at Altronics (Hammond 1551).  At 50mm x 35mm x 20mm, it is just right to hold the FT-82-43 core, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Elecraft KX2 Transceiver for SOTA

After some time getting used to operating the new Elecraft KX2, it was time to take it out on a SOTA activation.   With a break in the weather, Federation Range, VK3/VN-029 looked like a good choice as it qualifies … Continue reading

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New SOTA Rig

The new Elecraft KX2 arrived last week.  So far it looks like just the thing for SOTA activations.  A battery pack was not ordered for it, so one was constructed from 3 x 18650 2500mAh cells with a protective polyfuse. … Continue reading

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Castle Hill VK4/NH-136 Last Minute Activation 1 Point

Castle Hill is a small hill close to the Townsville city centre in North Queensland.  It was about 5:30pm when the opportunity presented itself for a quick activation.  I had the FT-817, an end fed for 40/20/10m and the RHM8B … Continue reading

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Mt Fuji JA-SO/001

Our plan was to set off from the 5th station car park at (2300 metres) around 2pm and hike the Yoshida Trail to the 8th station hut (3400m) before dark.  We would then sleep in the hut until 2am and … Continue reading

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