3D Printed Accessories for the FT-817

A few radio accessories printed out recently for the ‘817 transceiver (from Thingyverse, see links):

DC plug adaptor using an XT60 connector.  I have been using these connectors for a while now, they are small and capable of a lot of current.  On my model plane, they were passing 50 Amps for brief periods with no signs of overheating.

18650 Lithium battery 3 cell carrier for inside the FT-817.  I have put together 18650 carriers for the ‘817 in the past, but the original lid would not go on properly.  This carrier has a slot for a 3 cell battery management system board (BMS), so it is an improvement over the previous.  The printed lid is raised slightly so as to accommodate the larger cells.  It fits very well.   Still waiting for the BMS to arrive.

Three band end fed half wave antenna.  This design was posted previously in the blog.  It was made into a 3D print project and posted on thingyverse by mfhepp.
It came out a bit lighter than this one.  The matcher box is integrated into the winder.

This one is for the KX2. Its a KX2 paddle using RF finger stock. I had some finger stock left over from a HF screwdriver antenna build and it was just the right fit.

XT60 chassis mounted flange:

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6 Responses to 3D Printed Accessories for the FT-817

  1. Paul Taylor says:

    Nice accessories,Glenn. I am using XT60 as well, excellent DC power connectors for portable radios and even rest gear.

    Allen 3ARH has a 3D printed sleeve that fits over the squid pole with three equally spaced flanges, each allowing a guy chord. It allows you to stand your pole up vertically with no other support. I have needed that a few times. Mt Feathertop for one, the summit is a bare grassy hill, absolutely nothing to tie to.

    73 Paul VK3HN.

    • vk3yy says:

      Hi Paul, must print one of those too! BTW, if you use XT60s, you can 3D print out a flange for them so that they can be chassis mounted. There are quite a few variations of them on Thingyverse. I printed one out yesterday actually for a variable DC load. I will add a flange photo to the blog. David, VK3IL has a nice kit for setting up a guyed squid pole as well.

      • Paul Taylor says:

        Hi Glenn, a panel mounting piece for an XT60 is an obvious but great idea. I have used 3.1mm barrel jacks for DC power on projects but these are not meant for an amp or two or more on peaks.

        In my rig with inbuilt 50 watt amp which draws 7 to 8 amp peaks I reverted to banana sockets,and plugs. A rear panel mounted XT60 would be a better option.

        The poor man’s squid pole guyline bracket alternative is a cable tie, tightened just enough to sit at the desired height, with the guy chords looped through the tie. Nowhere near as good or elegant.

        Hope to see you sometime, as things open up.

        Paul VK3HN.

      • vk3yy says:

        OK on the banana plugs, they are pretty universal! I use the panel mount XT60s on my HB SOTA amps and so far so good. Yes, can’t wait to get back to the hills, hope to catch up.

      • Paul Taylor says:

        There’s a really big problem with banana plugs on a LiPo pack, they can SHORT!!! I have to remember every time to plug in the banana plugs first, then plug the other end (XT60) into the LiPo, and vice versa when disassembling. Best to leave them plugged in most of the time.

        Bring on the panel mounted XT60.

  2. vk3yy says:

    That would be a problem! Always nice to have the live power side a female protected connector.

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