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CW Paddle for the KX2

I came across this KX2 paddle from the QRPGuys recently.  The price was right at USD 25.00, postage was USD 5.00, so quite a bit cheaper than the original one.  It’s made from soldered PCB material so it won’t be … Continue reading

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Yet Another EFHW Matcher

While on the lookout for a more compact housing for the End Fed Half Wave matcher, I came across this perfectly sized enclosure at Altronics (Hammond 1551).  At 50mm x 35mm x 20mm, it is just right to hold the FT-82-43 core, … Continue reading

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HF1 QRP Transceiver Project

(This project is on hold indefinitely) This project is based around the recent HF1 QRP transceiver by Ashhar Farhan, VU2ESE. The transceiver is an interesting SSB design with wide tuning range from 0-30MHz and should cover several amateur bands.  The schematic for … Continue reading

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TR-PP-11B Hand Held Military Radio

The TR-PP-11B is a French military hand held radio designed in the early ’60s.  I came across one at the MDRC Hamfest this month and couldn’t resist it.  The radio is also known as an ER-62B and a TRC-766.  It’s … Continue reading

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Light weight SOTA Stations

Here are two lightweight SOTA stations recently put together.  The SSB station has been used, although the CW one is still waiting for the right opportunity!  (running out of excuses here). The SSB station uses the home brew 40m transceiver, … Continue reading

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Trail Friendly Flowerpot Antenna for Six

During the recent SOTA six and ten metre challenge, the six metre flowerpot antenna worked well.  The only thing was that it was bulky with the PVC pipe choke section. As an experiment, I made another one, but this time … Continue reading

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Ebay Solar Charger

There are a lot of these “ES500” phone solar chargers on Ebay at the moment.  Prices start from about $ AUD 11 delivered upwards.  Search for solar phone charger or solar power bank. The battery capacity claims vary depending on the … Continue reading

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