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MTR2 CW Transceiver Flight Deck

Having recently completed the KD1JV MTR2 CW transceiver, I have been wondering about how to use this in the field with a CW paddle.  Am in the process of re-learning CW after not using it since the licence test an … Continue reading

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FT-817 Batteries for Air Travel

Three cell Lipo batteries for the FT-817 work really well, although not really sure about taking them on aircraft.  The Lipos intended for use on RC Electric airplanes generally have a very low internal resistance and no internal protection against short circuit.  My worry … Continue reading

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Shining Tor and Gun

Ed, VK2JI / DD5LP is in Germany and we had been exchanging emails about a summit to summit between UK and Germany while I was in the UK.  Shining Tor G/SP-004 was the summit I chose due to ease of … Continue reading

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The Cloud G/SP-015

Over in the UK for work, it was a great opportunity to try some SOTA activations in the Southern Pennines.  Saturday weather was predicted to be quite bad with heavy rain, good old Murphies Law! As I didn’t have a … Continue reading

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