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LoRa GPS Tracker

LoRa is a newish Internet Of Things communications technology.  It promises long range (LoRa), transmits a small amount of power and is designed for sensors that may need to operate from batteries for very long periods of time.  The air … Continue reading

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VX-8DR and GPS

I recently obtained a Yaesu VX-8DR, primarily for use on SOTA activations.  The radio has the six metre band, which is a bonus as SOTA is presently running a six metre challenge. It’s a nice little radio with lots of … Continue reading

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Antenna Analyser Project

This VSWR analyser looked interesting from K6BEZ.  Certainly simple and low cost and probably just the thing to test the multiband SOTA antennas that I have been putting together lately.  I happened to have one of the DDS modules spare … Continue reading

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Transceiver for Backpacking

I have been looking around for a compact SSB transceiver design to take on lightweight SOTA expeditions.  Something sized around 100mm x 100mm x30mm.  If the MST400 was a little smaller, it would be the clear choice, but the board … Continue reading

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